I hear I forget

I see I remember

I do I understand

Show me a world rid of inequality and abuse.

Show me a planet without the destruction of nature and animals.

Show me a globe where peace comes first and war is an unknown word. 

A fairy-tale mentality? Music is a source of inspiration.


Take my hand and I'll lead you through a crusty world

of contaminated systems and conditioned minds,

wrapped in catchy sounds and funky beats. 


Japan,  March 2022

Get ready for the most important event of your life! Dune is coming to you with his 'Clockwiselife'-world tour, which will take him to more than 90 countries and 120 shows. This fascinating spectacle, performed on one of the world's largest stages, will captivate and awe you from beginning to end. Reflecting society in a mirror: enter the world of Dune for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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Paris,  September 2021

Dune began a second collaboration with Serbian producer  Ivan Jelenkovic in March 2020. Unfortunately, Jelenkovic has used the Corona-virus and the alarming situation as an opportunity to steal Dune´s investment and abandon the project. Not a single one of Dune´s  new compositions has been recorded. This is a severe warning: for the music industry, always be on the lookout for fraud and scam-producers. Despite the fact that Dune's life was on the line, he will never give up. Stay tuned!

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Clockwiselife is a unique jive-stomping musical experience that combines catchy beats with meaningful lyrics and songs that represent the purity and harsh edges of life. View Album


Red is the album's featured song, a 16-year-old lyric about grief and sadness that fantasizes about future love: View Album

HEAL THE NEED - Coming soon

Daniel Dune's second album will be released in 2022. Everything is being done to complete the demo by March 2022.  View Album


Nothing is as it appears. Deeper meaning, metaphor, and symbols are all part of the twisted reality. Make up your own story, vision, and universe, and I'll do the same for you.

"Creation is the purpose for existence."