I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

Show me this world rid of inequality and abuse.

Show me this planet without the destruction of nature and animals.

Show me this globe where peace comes first and war is an unknown word. 

Could you? A fairy-tale mindset. Music is an inspiration for the better. Music is life. 

Take my hand and I'll lead you through a crusty world with polluted systems and conditioned minds.

Don't worry, I'll wrap it in catchy tunes and groovy melodies, so you'll have the chance to understand.


Japan,  March 2021

Prepare for the biggest event of your precious Clockwise life. Touring more than 90 countries worldwide, covering more than 120 concerts: Dune is coming to you with his 'Clockwiselife'-world tour. Set on one of the biggest stages on the globe, this mesmerizing show will dazzle and amaze you from start to end.. Holding a mirror to society. Step into the world of Dune and be part of an experience you have never witnessed before!

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Paris,  January 2020

In March 2019 Dune started a second collaboration with Serbian producer and instrumentalist Ivan Jelenkovic. The same concept as Clockwiselife: 10 groovy tunes, but with a slightly different sound and theme. The album is called 'Heal the Need' and deals with the problems of today's world; inequality, greed, war, misuse of power and you can fill in the blanks. Stay up-to-date with the progression and the release of the album and enjoy exclusive behind-the-mic footage.

Weekly updates. Stay tuned. 

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Catchy grooves combined with profound lyrics & melodies depicting the purity and bitter edges of life, Clockwiselife is an intense one-of-a-kind jive-stomping musical experience.

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The featured song on the album is a melodic poem, written at the age of sixteen, about a sentiment of heartache and sorrow, fantasizing about the prospects of future love: Red.

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HEAL THE NEED - Coming soon

2020 will be the release-year of the 2nd album of Daniel Dune. Together with musical producer Ivan Jelenkovic of Furuna Studio in Paris. All efforts are made to finalize the demo before March 2020. 

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Nothing is what it seems. Twisted reality, deeper meaning, metaphors, and symbolism. Create your own interpretation, vision, world and I will do the same for you.

Creation is the reason for existence - Dune


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