We have established our own values, ethics, and systems to keep control over a world that we may have forgotten. We've seen it all before: copycats, déjà vu, warriors, and cheaters. Every step is the same. Make it appear as if things are changing while, in reality, they are not. It's a vicious loop. Even if the tone of the monologues have changed slightly, they nonetheless include the same words as before. Creating gods does not imply that they will rescue you in times of need. Even this has been said before: only YOU and you alone can save yourself from falling. Nothing is unique.

God is dead - Nietzsche


Let me try to entertain you. I was six years old when I began reciting self-written monologues in front of the heater on my mother's second-rate rug. I've always wanted to entertain. Three years after, I was ready to do it for real in real theaters, which gave me a fantastic sense of future me and life experience. Other skills began to emerge on their own, which were beneficial for the adventures that followed, but experience slowly taught me not to take life for granted. 

'Surviving Paris' may be an excellent title for a screenplay. Welcome to the city without sympathy, where if you fail, people will laugh and dance on your grave. Sorry if I destroyed your romantic mood. C'est la vie! Woke up next to rats, ate garbage, and fed my soul to a romantic river, yet I survived. From society to hell, and back again. It was a bold decision to move to beautiful Paris.

Once a street rat, always a street rat? If streets and dirt could talk, they would certainly tell my story, but being a street rat doesn´t make you a bad person. It's just a little inconvenient.  Being creative is the key to a better life. An excellent place to start was by developing a fresh mindset in order to build a new future. Fighting injustice takes bravery and courage, but it takes substance to speak the truth.

Through my songs, I aim to inspire, encourage, embrace, and sooth those in need. When you understand that human-created systems and artificial emotions are meaningless, you realize that creation is the most important reason to live.

If I can see a better future, so can you - Dune