'God is dead' - Nietzsche

We have invented our own morals, rules and systems to keep control over a world, which we have long lost out of sight. Copy-cats, deja-vus, warriors, cheaters; we have seen it all before. Every step repeats itself in exactly the same manner. Make believe that things are changing, when they will always remain the same. A vicious circle. A monologue dipped in a slightly different intonation, repeating exactly the same words. Inventing Gods doesn't mean they will actually help you in times of need. Only YOU and you alone can save yourself from falling and even that has been stated before.. Nothing is original. 



Vive la Merde!

Once a street rat, always a street rat?  I couldn't say for sure, but it definitely feels like it. If streets and dirt could speak, they would surely include my story. Spoiler alert! I survived. The most important part? No. Creation. It's the key. Creating is the essence of survival. The quality that makes you realize you exist in a world with an expiration date and constant deadlines. Hard to escape. Creating a fresh mindset in order to build a new future could be a start. 

Let me entertain you. Your little joker. At the age of six performing monologues on mum's third-rate rug in front of the heater. I always wanted to be an actor. At nine repeating it by touring real theaters. A welcoming deja-vu. Time flies. From that point on, other skills developed in a natural way. Wrote a book when I was twelve. Lead vocalist of a band six years later. Movies, Broadway & television followed, slowly realizing never to take life for granted.

Moving to Paris was a brave move. 'Surviving Paris' is a better title in case someone wants to write that script. Welcome to the city of lights - The city without mercy. The city of non-logic. If you die, people will mourn, laugh or dance. Sorry if I've ruined your romantic state of mind. C'est la vie!.  Had unwanted jobs, unfaithful friends, woke up next to rats, ate shit and fed my soul to a romantic river, but I survived. Back and forth from society to hell. In the end, there's not much difference. Rotting on the street doesn't make you a lesser person. It's just a bit inconvenient. Where's the happy ending?

It takes guts to fight against injustice. It takes balls to fight against a system. It takes concrete to tell the truth. Through my lyrics, I hope to inspire, encourage, embrace and soothe people who need it. Once you accept that human-created systems and fake emotions are useless, then you realize that creating is gold. It's a reason to live.

Forget those who crave to see you fail! Ignore those who disappeared, claiming they never left! Fuck those! We are like-minded individuals who are capable of creating hope and fulfilling our dreams.

If I can visualize a brighter future; so can you.

I survived - Dune


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